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  Most children in Canada attend public schools.Public schools are completely founded by governments through tax income.Boys and girls attend the same school and share the same courses and classes.Schooling in Canada is provided in English and in French.
  The rest of Canadian children attend private schools,which are supported mainly by fees paid directly by parents.Some private schools enroll only boys or girls.
  By law,children must attend school from age 5 to 16.Children are usually in school between 8:30 or 9:00 a.m.,and 3:00 or 4:00 p.m.Monday through Friday,from September to the middle of June.There are several different levels in the Canadian education system.The first is called Elementary Schools.In most provinces Elementary Schools include Kindergarten through Grade 7 or 8.
  From Grade 8 or 9 through 12 or 13,children go to Secondary School or High School.High School students must take certain courses for several years,such as English or French and mathematics.Some courses help students get a job after they graduate from school.Other courses prepare students for college or university.In Canada,teenagers usually make these choices for themselves,with the advice of their teachers,guidance counselor and parents.
  Schools usually offer extra activities at the end of the normal school day.These include sports,games,music and clubs.
  Most elementary and high schools encourage parents to take part in school activities.Parents'nights are organized from time to time.These are chances for parents to discuss their children's progress with teachers.You may wish to bring a friend with you.After graduating from high school,many young adults continue their studies through post­secondary education.
  1、According to the passage,students in Canada can get education for free in __.
  A.private schools
  C.public schools college
  參考解析:第二段講述了public schools,是由政府投資建立的;第三段講述了private schools,學校資金由學生家長直接提供。public schools與private schools對應,所以判斷public schools是免費的。
  2、Which of the following is NOT true according to the passage?
  A.There are only boys in some private schools.
  B.There are only boys in some public schools.
  C.There are both boys and girls in some private schools.
  D.There are both boys and girls in all public schools.
  3、We can tell that from the middle of June to August,the students in Canada are __.
  A.on school holidays school work
  D.preparing for the final examination
  4、Which of the following statements is TRUE according to the passage?
  A.Most high school students choose their courses against their wills.
  B.The students do their after­class activities all the afternoon.
  C.Parents are allowed to take part in school activities in the morning.
  D.If you don't send your five­year­old child to school in Canada—you break the law in Canada.
  參考解析:由第五段最后“teenagers usually make these choices for themselves”可知A項錯誤;由第四段可知學校一般在下午3:30或4:00放學,結合第六段“offer extra activities at the end of the normal school day”可知B項錯誤;由最后一段“Parents'nights are organized from time to time”可知C項錯誤;由第四段開頭“By law,children must attend school from age 5 to 16”可知D項正確。


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